telisha moore leigg

The Fire For Lucky Horseshoes


The Fire For Lucky Horseshoes is a novel of interconnected stories about an African-American family who must face the consequences of the patriarch’s actions.

Two years after leaving her adulterous husband, Clarisse Knox still can’t let go of the past. The town of Sustain, Virginia, is so small that she faces regular run-ins with her ex’s mistress and new family—and encounters with Tim himself. Clarisse struggles with her post-divorce life as the mother of two devastated children, a caregiver to her ailing mother, and her new identity as an ex-wife.

But Tim’s affair has larger, more dangerous ramifications for the entire Knox family. The Knox children, Matthew and Laurel, are dealing with their parents’ divorce in destructive ways. Matthew has become a wild-child, hanging out with a dangerous thief. Laurel cuts herself—both as a cry for help and a way to hurt her father. And Tim’s new life with his mistress and her children isn’t as fulfilling as he imagined it would be. He longs to return to his wife, children, and old life.

When his son goes missing under suspicious circumstances, Tim finds that longing fulfilled—though not in the way he had hoped. While the repercussions of his mistakes fill him with regret, it may be too late to alter the Knoxs’ tragic path—and his past may completely destroy the very thing Tim desperately needs: his family.